About The Brand

For every beauty challenge there is a Löwengrip solution: Löwengrip embodies the unique combination of product efficacy and gentle formulas. Even the most sensitive skin and scalp can enjoy swift results and a sophisticated user experience. Developed and manufactured in Sweden by leading chemists. Tried and tested in the harsh Scandinavian climate to ensure outstanding results for any lifestyle in the world. Löwengrip provides high-performance skin and hair care through an indulgent experience, while leaving the process clean. We encapsulate the Swedish prominence: Innovation, transparency and superior quality. Products are developed through an open source dialogue with our online users. Löwengrip follows the most rigorous and sustainable manufacturing regulations in the world, guaranteeing that the ingredients and manufacturing leave the conscience and environment clean. Löwengrip was founded by female entrepreneurs Isabella Löwengrip, Northern Europe’s biggest influencer, and Pingis Hadenius, beauty industry veteran and beauty editor. Löwengrip: Beauty Innovation from Sweden.