Travel back in time to 1614, a simpler, purer, slower time. Cleric, Royal Botanist to 

Louis XIV and chief explorer Louis Feuillée, can be found sitting in his herbarium,

diagramming and cataloguing the exotic plant species observed on his ground-breaking

missions by ship to foreign lands. The convent, Le Couvent des Minimes, 

where he lived and studied in the cloistered calm of a walled kitchen and flower gardens,

has barely changed - it is still steeped in the beauty of the South of France and the rich history

of Louis XIV's Royal Court.The botanical knowledge and the dreamy setting of the various 

carefully tended botanical gardens, which were the backdrop for the explorer's convent life, have 

given rise to a line of Vegan fragrances and skincare based on real luxury values: 

Heritage, time, nature, purity & quality.

Those respected traditions of French Haute Parfumerie are rigorously followed to this day.

*Formulas are 98% of natural origin - 100% Vegan.

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